Pipe Ball Valve, Copper Ball Valve, Price of Brass Ball Valve

Shanghai Donghan Industrial Co., Ltd is the modern technological company which adopts the newest technique in the world. Its business covers the development, design, manufacture and marketing service of many products, primarily manifold. Main products of our company are as follows: manifold, floor-heating manifold, brass manifold, ball valve, thermostat valve, angle valve, brass fitting and other brass products. Our products are widely used in water supply, fuel gas, heating, equipment, and home decoration, etc.Pipe Ball Valve, Copper Ball Valve, Price of Brass Ball Valve.

Compared with other valve, brass ball valve has these advantages:
    a. Has light resistance of fluid. The brass ball valve has the lightest resistance of fluid among the valve,even the hole shringkage brass ball valve,the resistance of fluid is quite small.
    b. It is easy to on-off. As long as spindle turns 90 degree,the ball valve finishes the  action of open or close quickly.
    c. Wonderful sealing performance. The gasket ring of valve seat usually use elastic material like poly to produce, easy for seal.And the sealing force of brass ball valve are enlarge along with the increase of medium pressure.

Product Origin: Shanghai China
Model Number: SS-810230
Brand Name: Shanghai Donghan

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